Is Regal Crown Club Worth It?

Is Regal subscription worthwhile?

If you go to the movies a lot, Regal’s new subscription plan may be a good value.

But with a 12-month commitment and cost of more than $200 a year, make sure that you’ll really use it before you join..

What is Regal Crown Club birthday reward?

Each registered Crown Club member will receive free popcorn on their birthday. Regal will also offer “Discount Days” at concessions. Crown Club members receive 25% off candy on Mondays and 50% off any size popcorn on Tuesdays.

Which is better AMC or Regal?

Overall, I was slightly more satisfied with my experience at the AMC theater. Admittedly, it was hard to choose a winner between these two chains because I had such great experiences at both locations. But ultimately, AMC won me over. I liked AMC’s popcorn better, and it had a broader drink selection.

How do you get free popcorn at Regal Cinemas?

This is a free small popcorn that will be immediately loaded to your Regal Crown Club card. Simply present your card at a participating theatre’s concession stand to redeem this tasty popcorn treat. Only ONE discount can be applied per popcorn purchased. This product expires 60 days after purchase.

What are the benefits of Regal Crown Club?

The Regal Crown Club program rewards movie-lovers that attend participating Regal Entertainment Group theatres! Members earn credits for box office and concession purchases, and those credits can be used to obtain free concession items, merchandise, movie tickets and more through our online Reward Center.

What do you get with Regal Crown Club?

New program features include: Unlimited credits with no cap on how many you can earn. No cap on how many credits you can earn in a day. 100 credits awarded per dollar spent when purchasing admission tickets (at the box office, at in-theatre kiosks, in the App or online) and concessions at Regal Theatres.

Does Regal do $5 Tuesdays?

Tickets are just $5 on Tuesdays with Regal Cinemas Value Days. … 3-D, RPX and IMAX tickets will be $8.50 each. Prices vary by location it seems, but most are starting at around $5ish.

Can Regal share unlimited?

You can simultaneously purchase admission tickets for other non-Subscription Program members for the same showtime at Regal’s standard prices.

Does Regal do free popcorn refills?

Free Large Refills. Regal Cinemas offers a FREE refill (during the same visit) on a large popcorn. Why pay for two or three small popcorns, when you can share one for less money?

Is AMC the same as Regal?

No. Regal is a different company. … AMC Theatres and Regal Entertainment Group are two separate companies.

What does regal give you for your birthday?

Regal on Twitter: “Birthday rewards are a free popcorn.

What is Diamond status for Regal Crown Club?

More than 10 visits a year gets Ruby with 500 extra credits each visit. Finally, Diamond status is more than 20 visits in a year and that gets 1,000 additional credits per visit.

How many tickets do you get with Regal unlimited?

three ticketYou can make up to three ticket reservations at a time with the Regal Unlimited plan. After three, you must attend one of them before you can make another reservation. Users will have to pay a $0.50 convenience fee when making reservations through Regal Unlimited.

Is AMC still doing $5 Tuesdays?

AMC Theaters, the largest movie theater chain in the United States, has had Tuesday as its nationwide discount day. AMC Stubs members, including ones who had a free membership, were eligible for $5 standard 2D tickets every Tuesday and reduced prices for premium tickets. Now, AMC has begun to raise that price.

Do you get regal points with Regal unlimited?

The Regal Unlimited Subscription Pass is a paid membership program that lets you watch as many movies as you like. Regal’s Crown Club, on the other hand, is a free rewards program that lets you earn credits for buying tickets and concessions.