Question: Can MetroPCS Unlock IPhones?

How much does it cost to activate an iPhone at MetroPCS?

Metro PCS does not charge activation fee.

If you are a current MetroPCS subscriber and are switching to a different phone they will charge you a $15 fee in store for an ESN change.

You can avoid this charge by doing the ESN change yourself on their website..

Can I unlock my phone for free?

Unlocking your phone brings freedom to your handset. Once it’s unlocked you can use it on any network, so you can take advantage of all those cheap SIM only deals. It’s a legal process, and you can sometimes unlock your phone for free.

Is it easy to unlock a phone?

The simplest way to unlock your device is to ring your provider and ask for a Network Unlock Code (NUC). Most will provide you with one and some even do it for free once your contract is up. Once you’re provided with the code you should be able to enter it into your phone to remove the lock.

Can I unlock my MetroPCS phone before the 90 days?

No. To receive the unlock code, your phone must be active on Metro by T-Mobile for a minimum of 180 consecutive (continuous) days.

What’s the best phone at MetroPCS?

The best Metro by T-Mobile phonesiPhone SE 2020. The best mix of performance and price. … iPhone 11 Pro Max. The best phone money can buy. … iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 Pro’s best features for less. … Samsung Galaxy S20. Metro’s best — and only — 5G phone. … Samsung Galaxy S10e. … Moto G Stylus. … Samsung Galaxy A20.

What phones can be unlocked for Metro PCS?

How to Unlock MetroPCS PhonesCoolpad: Catalyst, Defiant.Alcatel: A30 Fierce, Fierce 4, Fierce XL, Tru.Kyocera Hydro Wave.HTC: Desire 530, Desire 626s.LG: Aristo, Aristo Cobalt Blue, Aristo 2, G Stylo, G Stylo White, K7, K20 Plus, Leon LTE, Stylo 2 Plus, Stylo 3 Plus, Plus Titanium.More items…

How do I activate my IPhone with MetroPCS?

If you want to activate a connected device such as tablet, mobile hotspot device, or MetroSMART Ride you will need to dial 1-888-8-Metro8 (1-888-863-8768) or visit your local store. Bring Your Number or Get a New One: You can get a new local number or bring your number from your current carrier.

Can I activate my MetroPCS phone online?

Activating a New Phone There are three ways you can activate your new MetroPCS phone: In store. Online. By calling 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768)

Is IMEI tied to phone or SIM card?

This includes cell phones, smartphones, cellular-enabled tablets and smartwatches, and other devices that support cellular data. The IMEI number uniquely identifies a mobile device. It is separate from the SIM card or UICC number which is linked to a removable card in the device.

How do I know if my phone is compatible with Metro PCS?

Use the IMEI number to check if your phone is compatible with Metro by T-Mobile’s network. Once your compatible phone is unlocked, purchase a Metro SIM Card and choose a Metro rate plan. Replace your old cell phone provider’s SIM card in your phone with the new Metro SIM Card after you have activated your Metro plan.

Can MetroPCS phones be unlocked?

To unlock at MetroPCS phone the safest and simplest way — contact customer service. MetroPCS uses SIM cards that can easily be unlocked so you just have to provide a bit of info in order to unlock your device. You can do so over the phone or in a MetroPCS store. … Phone number of the phone you want to unlock.

Can you unlock a phone with the IMEI number?

Got an Android phone? You can also get your IMEI through the Settings part of your phone. … Once you’ve provided your network with your IMEI they can start the unlocking process.

Does MetroPCS SIM card work with iPhone?

SIM Card Terms. Only T-Mobile’s and AT&T’s iPhones, and Verizon’s and Sprint’s iPhone 5 and higher will work on our network. … Device Unlocking: Nationwide MetroPCS service is with any unlocked compatible GSM phone. If your current GSM phone is from another carrier, you may need to contact them to have it unlocked.

How much does it cost to unlock your phone?

Most of them work in the same way: You make your way to a website, provide payment in exchange for an unlock code, and wait for the code to arrive via email. Prices vary depending on your device, but they typically range anywhere from a few dollars to $50.