Question: How Do I Find Out What My Landline Phone Number Is?

How do I find out what my number is on my phone?

To check your mobile phone no in Aircel SIM dial the below USSD codes:Dial *133# to check Aircel mobile number.*1#*234*4#*888#*122*131#.

How do I find out my landline number now TV?

Pick up your landline phone and dial in your mobile number. Your landline phone number will be displayed on your mobile and stored in missed calls.

How do I find my SIM card phone number?

9 Ways To Find Your Mobile Number From Your SIMEnter a Special Code. Firstly, if you have your SIM in your phone then there is a simple way to find out your telephone number. … Call a Friend. … Call Customer Services. … Check Your Phone Settings. … Look in Your Numbers. … Check Your SIM Card Packaging. … Visit a Store. … Find a Bill or Contract.More items…•

How can I find someone’s name from a phone number?

Simply head to the White Pages website and plug in a person’s name (or just last name) as well as their city, state, or ZIP code. If that person’s name and phone number would appear in a paper phone book in that geographical area, you’ll see it on this website.

How do I find out my landline number virgin?

Hi, You could dial 174 on the landline it will tell you the number.

Can I phone now TV?

The answer is NOW TV don’t have a telephone number unless you are a Combo customer (broadband and calls), everyone else has to use live chat, email, this forum or social media.

Does NOW TV broadband include line rental?

They also come with line rental as pay-as-you-go phone services includes, or you can add unlimited evening and weekend or anytime calls for a small extra cost per month. Which package is right for you will depend largely on what you want to do with your broadband.

How do I find out my home telephone number?

Call the customer service phone number for your local phone company from the phone line you want to find out the phone number for. You can find out the phone number for your local phone company by looking at your monthly bill or dialing “411” from your phone line. Verify your identity.

How do I find out my landline number without a phone sky?

Re: What’s my landline numberIt should be shown on your online Sky account at will be shown on the MySky app.It will be in your confirmation of sign-up documentation.Call your mobile from your landline and the number will be displayed on your mobiles screen.Dial 17070 from your landline phone.More items…•

Why is my phone number unknown?

Why does my Samsung Android phone list my phone number as ‘Unknown’ in its settings? This error commonly occurs when you transfer the number you were using on your old phone over to your current phone.