Question: How Far Do You Cut Back Crepe Myrtles?

Should crepe myrtles be topped?

It is important not to prune the tops of crepe myrtle trees to make them bloom.

Topping may yield larger flowers but does not increase the overall volume of blooms.

Extreme topping often results in weak growth that tends to bend of break in summer rains..

How do you shape a crepe myrtle tree?

Correct pruning yields gracefully shaped trees with more blooms that are held upright on strong stems. And flowers arrive earlier than do those on unpruned or mispruned plants. Crape myrtles bloom on new growth, so prune them in early spring before they break dormancy.

Why is my crepe myrtle not blooming?

If there are no flowers on crepe myrtle, it could be that the tree was pruned late in the season, causing the new wood to be mistakenly removed, which causes the buds for the flowers to never really develop. Never prune a crepe myrtle before it blooms. … Crepe myrtle bloom time is just after the other flowering trees.

Is crepe myrtle too late to trim April?

While we consider late winter to be the ideal time to prune crape myrtles, now (early spring) is also OK for pruning them. … Pruning as late as May will likely cause some delay in bloom time, and pruning later than May may delay bloom noticeably but will not harm the tree.

How do you prune a crepe myrtle that is too tall?

Restore overgrown crepe myrtles gradually by pruning over a three-year period so the tree continues to bloom. Remove deadwood before the spring starts and cut the top of the tree 2 feet below the height you want the blooms to be that year. Repeating this process can bring a largely overgrown crepe myrtle under control.

Can you cut back crepe myrtles in March?

Crape myrtles should be pruned during the winter. Many people prune in late winter, from late February into early March. The important thing to remember is to prune crape myrtles right before new growth begins in the spring. A crape myrtle’s flower buds are produced on new growth.

What month do you prune crepe myrtle trees?

Early spring before new growth is the best time to prune crape myrtles. Whenever you prune, you cause the tree to generate new growth. New growth that starts now will not have time to harden off before frost.

How long do crepe myrtles live?

50 yearsCrepe myrtles live quite a few years if you take care of them. A crepe myrtle lifespan can exceed 50 years. So that’s the answer to the question “how long do crepe myrtle trees live?” They can live a good, long time with suitable care.

What is best fertilizer for crepe myrtles?

Fertilizers like 8-8-8, 10-10-10, 12-4-8 or 16-4-8 will work fine and are ideal for crape myrtles but you shouldn’t go over board. Over fertilizing the trees will cause causes excess growth and reduce the number of blooms on each tree. You soil test results will include a recommendation for the proper fertilizer.

Can I cut my crepe myrtle to the ground?

Crape myrtle tree sizes can range anywhere from miniature trees starting at 18 inches to large trees reaching 30 feet tall. … Renewal pruning, or cutting the tree’s base down to the ground, will allow the tree to have a fresh start, and it will rapidly grow back healthy and strong in two-three years.

What happens if you don’t prune crepe myrtles?

Many varieties have beautiful bark and growth habits that can be enjoyed all year if trees are not heavily pruned. This unsightly, ugly pruning known as crape murder is not recommended. Once it’s done, it ruins the tree’s graceful natural shape for the rest of its life.