Question: What Is The Age Limit To Join Indian Army?

How can I become a Indian soldier?

To become a Major in Army, the candidates first need to join National Defence Academy (NDA) or Combine Defence Services (CDS).

To join National Defence Academy/Combine Defence Services a candidate must appear in the entrance exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi, twice a year..

What army jobs do I qualify for?

Each Army job is given a code known as a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Every MOS has different ASVAB score requirements….Army Line Scores:MOSARMY JOB TITLEMinimum ASVAB Line Scores11XInfantry Enlistment OptionCO:8712BCombat EngineerCO:8712CBridge CrewmemberCO:8712DDriverGM:98 & GT:107 & ST:106147 more rows

What is the age limit for Indian army?

Indian Army Recruitment: Age limit The minimum age limit of the applicants should be 20 years while the maximum age limit has been capped at 27 years as on July 01, 2020.

What is the maximum age to join army?

35For the Army, the maximum age is 35. For the Navy, age waivers start at 34-years-old. For the Air Force, the maximum age allowed to join is 39-years-old. The Marines have the lowest maximum age for regular military service at 28-years-old.

What is qualification of Army?

Educational qualifications required: The minimum qualification for Soldier General Duty post is a Class 10 degree with an aggregate score of 45 per cent and at least 33 per cent marks in each subject. For Gorkha candidates, a Class 10 degree is enough to participate in the rally.

Can I join the military at 50?

With no prior service, it is nearly impossible to join any of the services in the US at 50 years of age. The maximum age and service in the US is 39 years old in the Coast Guard.

Can you be drafted at age 35?

Present – The U.S. currently operates under an all-volunteer armed forces policy. All male citizens between the ages of 18 and 26 are required to register for the draft and are liable for training and service until the age of 35.

Can we join Army after 30?

No you can’t join Indian Army if you have age above 30 years. There are no jobs which has age criteria above 30 years. The maximum age which is available is 25 years if you want to apply for the CDS exam. There is only a territorial army option which is for everyone and upper age is 42 years.

What is the salary of clerk in Indian army?

Salary of Indian Army Clerks: The clerk works in different areas and departments, they get salary on the basis of that. On Average, They get a salary of around 20,000/- per month at initial days. after a year or 2 years, they get a salary of around 32,000/- per month.

Do I qualify for Army?

GENERAL ARMY QUALIFICATIONS A U.S. citizen or permanent resident. 17-34 years old. Achieve a minimum score on the ASVAB test. Meet medical, moral and physical requirements.

Can I join Indian Army at the age of 35?

Indian Army has vacancies for 36 junior commissioned officer Candidates should submit their application form before the last date. Age limit : Candidate age should be 18 to 35 years. Age relaxation will be applicable as per government rules.

What is the age of army?

Join Indian Army Recruitment 2019 Eligibility CriteriaRally recruitment categoryAge limitSoldier General Duty (All Arms)17 ½ – 21 YrsSoldier Nursing Assistant (Army Medical Corps)17 ½ – 23 YrsSoldier Clerk / Store Keeper Technical (All Arms)17 ½ – 23 YrsSepoy Pharma (Army Medical Corps)19- 25 Yrs8 more rows•Jun 20, 2019

Is 40 too old to join the Army?

The Army raised the active-duty age limit to 40 in January as an interim step while it worked out the additional medical screening requirements for recruits ages 40 to 42. … More than 1,000 men and women over age 35 have already enlisted since the Army and Army Reserve raised their age limits to age 40.

Can a 26 year old join the army?

You can not join Army & Navy as An Officer or sailor or a soldier but you still have chance to join airforce as a ground duty officer. This also depends upon your graduation Subject i.e technical/non-technical , Medical standards. … You can also join Territorial Army ,the age limit is minimum 18 & maximum 42.

How can I join army?

What are the qualifications to join the Army?You must be a U.S. citizen or a resident alien.Be between the ages of 17-34. … Have a high school diploma.Have no more than two dependents.Take and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.Pass a Military Entrance Processing Station medical exam.

Can I join Indian Army at the age of 28?

You can join Territorial army, its a citizens army where you have to serve minimum 2 months a year with full pay and benefits of a regular army officer, only eligibility is that you are properly employed/self employed.

How can I join the Army at age 25?

For joining the army after graduation, you have to appear for the CDSE ( Combined Defence Services Exam.) But, the age limit to join the army through CDSE is 24. But you can apply for Indian Navy or the Air Force for which the age limit is 25. But you can join the OTA ( Officers Training Academy) through the CDSE.

What is Army height?

Gender: Male Female. Prior Service: Yes No. NOTE: Height range is 5’0″ to 6’8″ males and 4’10’ to 6’8″ for females. The minimum age is 17.