Question: Why Do We Need Love In Our Life?

Why do we need love and affection?

The need for affection solidifies our desire to know we are compatible with another human being, even if the relationship is on the friendship or familial level.

It creates a sense of harmony in a relationship, especially when it is an intimate one, according to

What is the most important of love?

Respect. Respect is as important as love in a relationship. When you truly love someone, you love them for who they are. And such love automatically brings in respect for your partner.

How do we use love?

Love sentence examplesI love you so much. … We love our parents, siblings and friends. … It was a great love affair. … First of all, I married Alex because I love him. … If he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t care. … I love thinking about the future.More items…

What is the purpose of love in our lives?

Love is truly seeing, and caring, about another human being’s existence and welfare. It is wanting to be there for someone, to support them and help them grow; to make a difference in someone’s life; to share in and care about someone else’s happiness and struggles other than your own.

Is love a necessity in life?

Sometimes we might even feel like our lives would be perfect if the other person just loved us like we loved them! … Love is not a necessity. A necessity (oxygen, food, water, etc) is essential for survival. But love—especially romantic love–is something that is so much more than a need.