Quick Answer: Can I Pick Up Money From Walmart Without An ID?

Can I get a money order at Walmart?

Walmart will cash MoneyGram money orders.

Buy money orders from a Walmart store in the amount needed.

Complete all fields immediately, including payee and purchaser information.

Deliver your money order in person or by mail..

Can you send money through Moneygram without an ID?

There is no way to pick up a moneygram without an id. You can have someone else pick it up for you if that person has an I’d and the moneygram is sent in their name. That is the only way you would be able to get your moneygram.

How long does MoneyGram hold money?

If you ask us to process a Transfer to an individual Receiver to be collected in cash at a MoneyGram Location and the Transfer Amount has not been collected within ninety (90) days, we will treat the Transfer as no longer capable of execution (an “Expired Transfer”).

How much can you send Walmart to Walmart at one time?

Walmart2Walmart Expansion Customers can now send up to $2,500 for $18 when using the exclusive transfer service. Previously, the limit was $900. Competitive offerings charge up to $50 to transfer $2,500. Expanding Walmart2Walmart to include transfers to Walmart Mexico stores, powered by MoneyGram.

Can someone else pick up my MoneyGram?

Who is able to pick up the money I transferred? The person receiving the MoneyGram transfer must present a valid photo ID and know information about the transfer. To help protect yourself further, keep all information about your money transfer confidential and be sure you know the person to whom you’re sending money.

Do you have to be 18 to pick up money from Walmart?

The law requires a person to be to be 18 to send or receive a wire transfer as it is a legal contract. Folikat’s solution that you have the sender change the receiver to someone you trust who as a valid ID is the the best. For future transactions you ARE of age to cash checks.

Do you need ID to pick up Walmart to Walmart?

When sending a money transfer in person from either a Walmart or MoneyGram location, you can only pay with cash or a debit card. You also need to show your driver’s license or government-issued ID. Acceptable IDs include state IDs or driver’s licenses, U.S. or foreign passports, green cards, or military IDs.

Do I need an ID to send money Walmart to Walmart?

They were sent funds repeatedly during their entire time in the U.S. So now you can not send over an amount or pick up any amount without an ID. There use to be a way using the test question and under $50 but no longer any Walmart breaking this rule could have their ability to do money services at all taken from them.

Can you go to the casino with an expired ID?

Expired ID’s are no longer valid in any venue. A casino would not be able to verify what they need to verify on an expired ID, and would be wise to not accept it if they felt the need to ask for ID. … The casino policies always specifically require a valid ID. An expired ID is not valid.

Can you send money Walmart to Walmart with a debit card?

Cash and debit cards will both be accepted for payment. … Customers using Walmart-2-Walmart will pay $4.50 to transfer up to $50, and a flat rate of $9.50 to transfer between $50 and the maximum of $900.

How much does it cost to send money Walmart to Walmart?

Walmart-2-Walmart offers a simple and transparent fee structure with just two price points: customers can transfer up to $50 for $4.50 and up to $900 for $9.50.

Does MoneyGram require ID?

ID: You will need to bring a valid photo ID (passport, national ID or residence permit) and may also be asked to provide proof of your address (bank statement or utility bill).

Do you need an ID to pick up money from Walmart?

Q: Can I pick up money without an ID? A: As long as the sender used a test question, and the clerk checked the “Pay without ID” box. This is actually from western unions website so they will in fact allow you to pick up cash….. even if its only a few hundred dollars.

Do you need a ID for a money order?

When you buy a money order from the USPS, you must fill out the money order with your name, address and phone number. … If you purchase more than $1,000 worth of money orders in a single day, you have to show a valid photo ID (for example, a driver’s license, state ID or military ID).

Does Western Union ask for ID to send money?

Note: You must be at least 18 years old with a valid, government-issued ID* to send or receive money with Western Union. … Your receiver will need to present an ID and answer the test question to receive the money.

How does MoneyGram work at Walmart?

A store associate will help you find a Walmart store or MoneyGram agent location that is most convenient for the recipient. Pay the transfer amount and fees, and the money will be available at the recipient’s location when the transaction is complete. Your funds can arrive in as little as 10 minutes.

Can you pick up Moneygram with expired ID?

Well, without a valid piece of government-issued photo ID, you won’t be able to pick up the money.” Western Union asks for the expiration date on photo ID, so this transaction will not go through.”