Quick Answer: How Do I Check Voicemail From A Different Phone?

How do I call my work voicemail?

When your call has been answered by your mailbox greeting:Access your voice mail by dialling *.Enter your extension number.

If accessing the system voicemail box dial 0.Enter your voice mail password, then press #.Then dial the following numbers to access your messages while listening to the greeting:.

How do I check my voicemail from a different phone Cisco?

If you are calling from another phone within your organization or from outside the organization, press * when Cisco Unity Connection answers.If prompted, enter your Connection ID (your 7-digit phone number), and press #.Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN), and press #. Your initial PIN is 343842.

How do I remotely access my Cisco voicemail?

Cisco Phone Voicemail – How to check from remote phoneDial the voicemail number or hit the message envelope button on your Cisco phone.During the system message, enter the “*” key.Enter the 4 digit extension of the voicemail box you want to check followed by the “#” key.Enter the voicemail password.Follow prompts to access your voicemail messages. and/or settings, etc.

How do I listen to messages on my Cisco phone?

Dial 1020 then press * ▪ When Prompted, Enter your ID (ID is your 4 Digit Ext.) When prompted, enter Your PIN and follow instruction given by the system. From inside the school (Internal) from your Desk. Press the Messages or Envelop icon on your Desk phone.

How do I check my voicemail remotely?

How Can I Check My Desk Phone Voicemail From A Remote Line?Dial the direct number of your desk phone.Wait for the call to time out to your voice mail.While your custom voice mail greeting is played, enter your voice mail PIN. … Your voice mail will begin playing immediately.

How do I check voicemail on Cisco phone?

To check your voicemail, press the “Messages” button and follow the voice prompts. You might need to enter your voicemail PIN number followed by # to listen to your message.

Can I check my 3 voicemail from another phone?

When you call 123 on your phone, you’ll hear how many new voicemails you have. You can do this by: dialling 123 from your phone and following the instructions. dialling 07782 333 123 from any other phone and following the instructions.

How do I check my US Cellular voicemail from another phone?

Listening to Messages From another device: Dial your wireless number. During greeting, Press * and enter your password when prompted.

How do I remotely check my VoIP voicemail?

Dial: *97 (from your VoIP Much line) Or dial: *98 (from another VoIP Much client), followed by your 10 digit phone number. Or dial: YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER (then once your voicemail message comes on, dial *)

How do I retrieve deleted messages on my Cisco phone?

Retrieve Deleted Messages.Step 1 Log on to Voicemail (Cisco Unity).Step 2 Press 3 2 to hear deleted messages.Step 3 Use the following keys to control playback as you listen to a deleted message:Key(s)Action.Key(s)Action.