What Is Don Lemon Yearly Salary?

Who is the highest paid female news anchor?

The Highest Paid Female News Anchors and Their Impressive Net WorthRachel Maddow – $20 Million.

Kelly Ripa – $22 Million.

Robin Roberts – $25 Million.

Greta Van Susteren – $35 Million.

Meredith Vieira – $40 Million.

Katie Couric – $55 Million.

Diane Sawyer – $80 Million.

Barbara Walters – $150 Million.More items…•.

What is the good salary in USA?

GoBankingRates determined the “living wage” necessary to live comfortably in each US state. Some states, like New York, require an annual income of $95,724 to live comfortably. But the living wage for other states, like Mississippi, can be as low as $58,321.

Who is the most beautiful news anchor?

Sara Carbonero. … Robin Meade. … Brooke Baldwin. … Michelle Kosinski. … Megyn Kelly. … Courtney Friel. … Jenna Lee. Jenne Lee deserves the spot in the list of the top 10 beautiful female anchors. … Mélissa Theuriau. Without any doubt, Melissa Theuriau deserves to top the list of beautiful female anchors in the world.More items…

Who is the best news anchor?

Here are the anchors rated by percent who said they trust them “a lot.”Lester Holt. … Anderson Cooper, CNN – 29 percent.Robin Roberts, ABC – 28 percent.David Muir, ABC – 28 percent.Brian Williams, MSNBC – 24 percent.Harris Faulkner, Fox News – 24 percent.George Stephanopoulos, ABC – 23 percent.More items…•

What is Wolf Blitzer net worth?

What is Wolf Blitzer’s net worth? According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Wolf Blitzer is worth about $16 million. This comes from his salary at CNN, which is worth somewhere between $2 million and $5 million.

What is Anderson Cooper’s salary?

$11 million a yearAnderson Cooper is raking in $11 million a year from CNN and routinely donates book and appearance fees to charity.

How old is Julia Chatterley?

37 years oldMs. Chatterley, one of the renowned faces of CNN, was born in the year 1982 in London, UK. Julia is 37 years old as of early 2020 but hasn’t revealed her birthday yet.

Who is the highest paid news anchor?

NBC’s Matt Lauer is the highest-paid host in broadcast news, according to Variety. The “Today Show” host has an annual salary of $25 million per year. CNN’s Anderson Cooper clocks in as the highest-paid anchor or host in cable news, earning $12 million.

How much does Wolf Blitzer make a year?

Wolf Blitzer- $5 Million Annual Salary As a loyal CNN reporter since 1990, Wolf Blitzer is sitting pretty with a hefty $5 million per year salary.

How much does Erin Burnett make a year?

Salary: $3 million Burnett earns an estimated $3 million a year from her on-air work and has a net worth of $13 million.

Who got fired from the Five on Fox News?

On May 19, 2017, Bob Beckel was again fired from The Five for allegedly being racist to an African American employee.