What Scope Can See Through Smoke?

Can firemen smoke?

While not true of every department and every area, research shows a range between only 7 to 13 percent of firefighters smoking.

There has been a shift of the social norm among firefighters to an environment where smoking is not accepted..

Can you see through smoke?

Seeing through Smoke Smoke contains a large component of micron-sized carbon soot particles, which visible light absorbs easily. When the particle size is significantly smaller than the wavelength of light used by a sensor, however, the scattering is greatly reduced, making it possible to see through the smoke.

Can cameras see smoke?

Because thermal cameras see heat not light, they can penetrate smoke and dust. We demonstrate this by using a smoke grenade, and filming with the live camera and the FLIR camera.

Can night vision see through smoke?

Only a thermal imager can see in absolute darkness. Night vision devices are also affected by weather related obscurants such as snow, rain, blowing sand and fog as well as smoke. Under these types of conditions, night vision devices are unable to perform.

Does the Merc thermal optic glint?

No glint mentioned on the merc thermal optic redwillow. And they did say that they fixed it so that every scope with glint was highlighted as such.

Do thermals work through smoke?

Yes, thermal cameras can detect heat through smoke, and are widely used by firefighters for this purpose. Soot particles in smoke effectively block visible light, but allow infrared radiation to pass through, letting firefighters or other first responders navigate through smoke-filled environments.