Why Does Holden Lie To Mr Spencer?

Why does Mr Spencer want Holden?

Holden decides to visit Mr.

Spencer in the beginning of the novel in order to say goodbye to the teacher.

Holden feels that he should say goodbye to Mr.

Spencer because he is the only teacher that Holden actually liked at Pencey..

Does Holden like Mr Spencer?

Mr. Spencer is Holden’s elderly history teacher a Pencey Prep. Spencer makes Holden feel ashamed for failing history, though only because he feels bad that Spencer—whom he likes—had to fail him, since Holden can tell that the old man didn’t want to do this. …

What does Mr Spencer want to speak with Holden about?

Soon, Mr. Spencer brings up Holden’s expulsion from Pencey. He also talks about getting the opportunity to meet Holden’s parents and calls them ‘grand’ people, which Holden thinks sounds phony. He tells Holden, ‘Life is a game, boy.

What advice does Mr Antolini give Holden?

Mr. Antolini’s advice to Holden about why he should apply himself to his studies is also unconventional. He recognizes that Holden is different from other students, and he validates Holden’s suffering and confusion by suggesting that one day they may be worth writing about.

What dirty trick did Mr Spencer pull on Holden?

What “dirty trick” did Mr. Spencer pull on Holden? He orally read back Holden’s exam answer and the note Holden had written.

What class is Holden not failing?

What is the only class he passed? He failed four out of five subjects. The only class he passed was English. Why is Holden watching the football game at the beginning of the novel?

Why did Holden leave Elkton Hills?

Holden leaves Elkton Hills mainly because of the phonies he sees on the prep school campus. … Holden is at the stage in his life where he hates just about everything, including himself. However, the one thing he professes to hate the most is phoniness, and it is the reason he gives the reader for leaving Elkton Hills.

Why does Holden like to lie?

For Holden, lying is a way to cope with what he sees as the harsh reality of the real world, and a way for him to try to construct a fantasy of himself he wants other people to believe.

What illness does Mr Spencer have?

He’s the first adult Holden talks to in the book, and Holden seems to hold both him in high regard. When Holden visits Mr. Spencer in Chapter 2, his elderly teacher is housebound with the flu (“the grippe”). Despite his illness, Mr.

What does Mr Spencer do that annoys Holden?

What did Spencer do that particularly annoyed Holden? Holden was annoyed by how Spencer always yelled and by how he read his essay and called it garbage. … Holden means that even though his grammar and reading skills aren’t very good, he still reads a lot of books. He reads advanced classics like Ring Laudner.

Is Mr Spencer a phony?

Spencer (“he was a nice old guy”), it also reveals his characteristically critical nature (he “didn’t know his ass from his elbow”). Part of Holden’s frustration may stem from his sense that Mr. Spencer is not really listening. … Spencer among the many other people—especially adults—Holden considers phony.

What is Holden afraid of?

The most significant of Holden’s fears are the fears of growing up, intimacy, and human interactions. … Holden uses alienation as a form of self-protection. By excluding himself from others he can keep his views of hierarchy with himself on the top and the phonies on the bottom.

Why does Holden call himself a liar?

Holden calls himself a liar because he tells Mr. Spencer a white lie to get out of having hot chocolate with him. Holden then muses, I’m the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life.

How does Holden feel about lying?

Holden admits to lying frequently, saying, “I’m the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life.” Holden confesses that he lies a lot and he describes it as “terrible”, but he can’t help himself when he comes into situations where he can get away with lying.

What advice does Mr Spencer give Holden?

Expert Answers info In Chapter 2, Mr. Spencer tells Holden that “Life is a game that one plays according to the rules.” Holden immediately rejects this advice, arguing, If you get on the side where all the hot-shots are, then it’s a game, all right—I’ll admit that.