Why Is Melly In Jail?

Why did YNW kill his friend?

YNW Melly and his friend, Cortlen Malik Henry, tried to disguise the killings of Anthony D’Andre Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr.

as a drive-by shooting, and to portray themselves as survivors of street violence in an effort to mislead police, according to newly available court documents..

Who did Melly kill?

The Miramar Police Department arrest both Jamell “YNW Melly” Demons and Cortlen “YNW Bortlen” Henry on Feb. 13 of 2019 and hit them with two first-degree murder charges for the deaths of Thomas Jr. and Williams.

Did YNW kill his friends?

Rising rapper YNW Melly grieved publicly for two friends. Police say he killed them. … But on Wednesday, police arrested YNW Melly and another man and charged them with two counts of murder. Police said YNW Melly fatally shot his friends and then staged the crime scene to look like a drive-by shooting.

How much is YNW Melly worth?

YNW Melly is an American YouTube channel that has a net worth of $7.4 million dollars as of September 2020.

Why did Melly go to jail?

YNW Melly is facing the death penalty for first-degree murder. Police arrested Melly on Feb. … He was charged on two counts of first-degree murder for killing two of his friends, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. He potentially faces the death penalty.

How long is Melly in jail?

2016: YNW Melly serves one-year jail sentence and writes “Murder On My Mind” After being charged for firing his gun near a school, Melly served a one-year sentence in a Florida jail. According to his verified annotation on Genius, he wrote “Murder On My Mind” while behind bars.

Is Melly out of jail?

Rapper YNW Melly’s fans expected him to be released from jail March 2020. However, his mother suggests it will be postponed due to coronavirus. … Back in December, Melly’s mother, Jamie Demons-King hinted that Melly may be out by March 2020.

Where is Melly in jail?

YNW Melly was denied his request to be released from jail while awaiting trial on murder charges due to being infected with the coronavirus. The 20-year-old rapper will remain in the Broward County Jail in Florida awaiting his double-murder trial, according to an article Tuesday by TMZ.

How old is YNW Melly now?

21 years (May 1, 1999)YNW Melly/Age

How old is YNW Bslime now?

YNW Bslime (born on April 10, 2007) is an american rapper. He is from African-American ethnicity. The rapper is just 13 years old.